Regular Activities


Come along with Robyn Reid and friends to various locations. These events are held on the second Thursday each month and if lost Contact Number is: 0409 449 973. For local sites in Shire & Georges River areas, meet 9am at site or endeavour to be at distant sites by 9am via public transport or car.

If you have a location to include on our site list to visit and paint contact – Robyn Reid

email: [email protected]



Month 1                                                                                            Alternate Month

1st Tuesday 7pm  Workshop ($5/$10)                                             Tutorial ($10/$15)

2nd Tuesday 7pm Members’ Art (Free)                                            Members’ Art (Free)

3rd Tuesday 7pm   Critique ($5/$10)                                                Demonstration ($10/$15)

4th Tuesday 7pm Members’ Art (Free)                                             Members’ Art (Free)

5th Tuesday 7pm Members’ Art (Free)                                             Members’ Art (Free)



Members can bring along a painting they are working on and receive guidance from an experienced artist to sort out any problems and improve their technique in a friendly atmosphere. If you are not a member you can join up on the night and join in.


Critique Night gives a chance to have helpful and valuable appraisal of your completed works by one of our leading artists or by a visiting professional artist. This provides a great opportunity to learn what makes a painting “tick” and how to correct or improve a painting. Bring along two or three works. Even of you don’t bring a painting for appraisal you can still learn from the comments made on others’ works.


Learn the techniques used by professional artists to create unique works of art. Each session will be for a duration of 1.5 hours.